Everything you need to know about OFFICIAL ELF

ELF aka Ever Lasting Friend is the name for all of Super Junior’s fans in the world.
i.e Thai’s fans = Thai ELF, Indonesian’s fans = Indonesia ELF and so on.


OFFICIAL ELF are people who registered officially thus getting certain privileges from SM Entertainment, such as a chance for attending meet&greet, concert schedule, and perhaps a privilege to buy the tickets concert before us =)

OFFICIAL Korean ELF are official fanclub members who live in Korea.
OFFICIAL Japan ELF are official fanclub members who live in Japan.
OFFICIAL International ELF are official fanclub members who live outside those two countries above.

t13.gif How to be an OFFICIAL ELF?

SM Entertainment periodically will open the registration for each of the fanclubs, either for ELF, Cassiopeia, Shinee World, Jumping Boa, Traxian, etc. Each member would have to pay around 40,000 Won (approximately Rp 400,000.-/ $40) PER year. Once registered, each member will get an official member card and other merchandises.

t13.gif NOTE:

ALL OFFICIAL ISSUES, either regarding SJ’s fanclub or DBSK/SNSD/SHINee/other SM artists will ONLY be RUN by SM Entertainment. SM never hands over any OFFICIAL issue to other parties (except to SM’s official affiliates, such as AVEX which indeed manages all affairs for SM’s artists in Japan). The registration for OFFICIAL Korean ELF, Japan ELF, and International ELF will be opened ONLY IF SM Entertainment wish to do so. And until now SM is not opening any registration for OFFICIAL ELF, both for Korean and International ELF (we suppose that the registration for Japan ELF is still opened).

Thus, regarding the issues about OFFICIAL ELF registration in Indonesia, we’d like to denote that Sujunesia NEVER takes part or involve ourselves in this matter, because we don’t have the right to do it at all. We also cannot guarantee that these activities will be officially recognized and legalized by SM Entertainment, because as noted above, all OFFICIAL activities will only be handled by SM Entertainment itself or it’s official affiliates.

We do hope that with this explanation, all the questions regarding OFFICIAL ELF are now answered.

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