New Admin Requirements

We’re Looking for admin ACTIVE from few different countries, Do you want to join be admin in here (on Twitter,Fp and etc)???If you are interested in being a admin here for everyone but from the different country, follow the requirements below:

1 Minimum age 16 years.
2. Into ELF min 2 years
3. Update frequently, if more than 3 days did not update without notice we are not out of respect.
4. Do not use this fanbase as a personal acc
5. Following fellow fanbase is only used for personal rather than for the acc
6. A truly self-admin Data must be kept secret from the followers.
7. Admin must be from different countries.
8. No and No Bash fanwar
9. polite of the Followers (ELF)
10. Do not trespass the rules that apply.
11. Admin Trainees will be trained for 2 weeks, if he is able he will be the admin still here.
12. Prioritize who can speak and understand Korean/Japanese/Mandarin.
13. not an account to play or chat with followers etc.You have to understand it.

Send me the data to:
With the format:
1. name :
2. age:
3. comes from which country :
4. your twitter:
5. give us the reason why want to be admin:
6. why do like Super Junior:
7. how many languanges that u can speak well? mention it!:
8. what time usually u’ll be able to online?:
9. why we have to choose u?:

Regulations will then be sent via email if you go into admin Trainee,
All will be judged on us, so good luck guys ^ ^


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