Sukira with Super Junior – Part 1

Sukira with Super Junior - Part 1

Today, Super Junior become guest on Sukira and this Interview with them:

Yesung: he’s 58-60kg now and Leeteuk want him slim down until 45 kg xDD then
Kyuhyun: 35kg lolol
Leeteuk:’ oh 35kg good!!! u’ll definitely be more pretty!!’ hahahaha
Shindong: sister even heavier’ xDDD

Donghae talked about that he’s someone who can’t live if he leaves members. Then eunhyuk said ‘just now me, donghae and Kyuhyun took the same car to here. I was talking about sth with Kyuhyun on the car and Hae got really curious about what they were talking about . Hyuk told Hae that tell him later~ After they came down from car, Hyuk and Kyu went to bathroom and continued talking, when they came out, they noticed Hae was sticking his ear on the wall to listen to their talking xDDDDD Hae ahhh xDDD Hae claimed that he was just only went to bathroom and heard it in coincidence, not purposely xDDD

Sungmin : I have a request, that is for Kyuhyun-When he comes to Sukira, to sing Lim Changjung’s Long Time No See. In our room, he will sing this whenever I want to go to sleep.
Leeteuk: because i am getting old i feel that i have to get married
Shindong: Eunhyuk said I look like sausage when I sleep. My mom said “Is this ok?” when she saw the article
Leeteuk: ryeowook told me “do I have to get married? Do i need a woman? I can live on my own”
Kyuhyun: I didnt like Eunhyuk because gulliver song lmao but
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk I like it, its catchy song.
Min asked Kyu which is his fav song from 6jib,
Kyu: Bittersweet
Leeteuk: I will only stop being a leader when the members only think of me as a leader
Eunhyuk: I think that yesung is really a singer when he does adlibs

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