Sukira with Super Junior – Part 2

Sukira with Super Junior - Part 2

Today, Super Junior become guest on Sukira and this Interview with them:

Yesung’s Question:
“When this member does ____, i find them human”
Shindong: when Eunhyuk buys expensive things. Eunhyuk saves money. But when it comes to fashion, he buys expensive things.
Yesung: I have interest in the brands. and I saw Eunhyuk with an EXPENSIVE brand so…
Leeteuk: When Super JR members…. go to Mubank…. and go to Yesung’s mother’s coffee place….
Shindong: when ryeowook…. takes pic of Y style glasses
Ming: Hint is donghae!
Leeteuk: when Donghae shudders
Kyu: when donghae speaks stupidly
Leeteuk; when Donghae does baby talk!
Eunhyuk: when donghae is stupid!
Sungmin: there is mouth and some other place involved
Teuk: when Hae doesn’t understand what we’re saying! Poor hae. He’s been abused today
Shindong: He took the “human” to another world
Kyu: Hae has amazing looks and …
Yesung: wait that’s just your opinion
Kyu: I like his looks 😀

Question to Leeteuk: When members did ___, I wanted to quit being a leader

Donghae: when Leeteuk-ssi walked around in the waiting room shirtless
Members: You didn’t even understand the question!!
Ryeowook: Yesung-ssi?
Yesung: …
Kyuhyun: you thought about something else right?
Leeteuk: You were thinking abt a drama
Shindong: When members forgot about “We are Super Juni-OR!” introduction
Leeteuk: sounds good but no
Kyu: When members say, I wanna do ___ and ___, I want to quit
Leeteuk: I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with a leader
Eunhyuk: When members are trying to take the leader spot
Ryeowook: When members only think of me as a leader, I want to quit being the leader.
Leeteuk: The reason I wrote this… being leader is obvious but I am a human. I have times I can’t control my emotion. I hope you’d understand me
Donghae: You express too much though

Wook: When are you thankful to members?
Teuk: all the time
Members: Quotes From U’s ending xDD


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