Sukira with Super Junior – Part 3

Sukira with Super Junior – Part 3

Donghae’s question:
“when this member does ____, I feel embarassed”
Yesung: when Teuk walks around naked
Teuk: nobody said this?

Question to Eunhyuk:
“When this member does ___, he looks insignificant”
Shindong: When Ryeowook keeps saying my face is not as handsome as his
Eunhyuk: that’s too obvious. Anyways. That was decided on IS2
Ryeowook: It’s someone you’d not expect. And this might be too big to reveal
Shindong: I know!
Yesung: I feel like he’s going to say me
Shindong: When Yesung sings, I find him insignificant
Eunhyuk: similar
Teuk : It’s Yesung?
Eunhyuk: yes
Teuk: when Yesung tells you how to sing?
Sungmin : It’s something Yesung does while singing
Donghae: When Yesung does gestures on stage?
Yesung: When Yesung does adlibs in songs?
Shindong: are you crazy?
Leeteuk: you are crazy
Yesung: I’ll do an adlib right now
Leeteuk: do an easy one

Yesung; you’ve been going around naked for 2 years. I went to the bathroom with Teuk and I didn’t think anything different about him. but people kept saying something. I realized Teuk was shirtless. We’ve gotten used to it
Shindong: I know! It’s when Teuk goes around with his shoulders pumped
Ryeowook: It involves Airport
Teuk: When Sungmin appears in airport with outrageous fashion style. Beyond normal. Floor fashion.
-wrong wrong wrong
EH: when Sungmin wears short pants with black long socks
SM: I did this???
Shindong: when EH ….. drags expensive bags on the floor
Leeteuk: when Sungmin wears outrageous fashion with outrageous headphones and outrageous luggage color and appears in Airport!
Shindong: you can’t call that fashion
Kyu: I can’t remember where I saw this but Sungmin was called fashion terrorist

Question to Kyuhyun:
“When this hyung does ___, I think he’s very immature.”

Eunhyuk: when donghae hyung can’t speak, I think he’s immature
Sungmin: when donghae hyungs blank out, I think he’s immature
Leeteuk: Donghae wasn’t like this but after skip beat recordings, Donghae is becoming Siwon-fied XDDD

Members: Sungmin’s fashion is worst of worst of worst XDD

Sungmin had times when he wanted to get angry at the members but
held it down for his image
Donghae said he chose Eunhyuk for Oppa Oppa b/c he thought the fans would like it and b/c he gets lonely easily.
Ryeowook joined SJ last (before Kyu joined) and he thought Eunhyuk and Yesung looked most handsome back then when he first met them, Kyuhyun does feel bad when he makes sharp comments “to lift the mood of SJ” He prays in his room after making sharp comments and was suppose to make a sharp comment but he kept praising Sungmin instead XDD

Leeteuk doesn’t regret dating a lot. Kyuhyun said Leeteuk dates a lot Leeteuk says he gives his all every time he loves XD,

Kyuhyun: Super Junior is eternal group
Yesung: Super Junior is batman. Dark night opened recently….
Eunhyuk: Super Junior is the universe
Donghae: Super Junior is my everything ♥
Leeteuk: Super Junior is not just a moment but forever. We can create the word Forever together and There is a start but there is no end for Super Junior

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