‘The Promise’ Leeteuk’s Musical Synopsis

‘The Promise’ Musical Synopsis 

The story is about 7 men (Jihoon, Sangjin, Jeon-ssi, Dalho, Miss Kim, Teacher Lee, and Moo Junbyeong) who were being isolated on the bank of Imjin River while defending Munsan axis due to the surprise attack from North Korea. In such an intense situation when being surrounded by the enemies, Sangjin strongly opposed the troop leader Jihoon’s suggestion to not sticking to the pointed escape strategy. Eventually they set up a plan where Jihoon would go sacrifice himself to save his members by jumping to the enemy territory to execute the operations but Jeon-ssi whom slowly dying of his wound went to attract the enemy instead of Jihoon after making a promise to go back and search for his son who’s left at his hometown. In the meantime the members managed to escape and they were all scattered while escaping.

These guys who were scattered in all over the place then witnessed many stories and the misery of the war. Sangjin who went back to his hometown to find the woman he loved finally found out that he lost both his woman and his family in North Korea’s attack. In the midst of migrating to return to their parent unit, the 1st Infantry Division; Jihoon, Teacher Lee, and Moo Jeonbyeong then headed to Boeun, Chungnam to meet Myeongsoo in order to keep their promise with Jeon-ssi.

While moving southward along with the refugees so that they could survive, Miss Kim and Dalho witnessed a devastating war situation. They accidentally got wounded at a unit that got bombed during a consolatory performance. Jihoon’s troop that arrived in Boeun then made sure that Myungsoo got kidnapped at North Korea’s 15th Division two days ago and conducted a rescue mission to rescue him. They followed the North Korea’s 15th Division then disguised as civilians and pretended to surrender. They then met Myungsoo who was enslaved to transport the food supplies. Jihoon’s troop who had been seeking for a chance to flee then managed to escape by taking the advantage of the North Korea’s confusion when the ROK (Republic of Korea) 17th Regiment launched a surprise attack at Hwaryeongjang, Sangju, Gyeongbuk.


These 7 men who got scattered while escaping then became aware of their duty as a soldier to protect what’s important to them by going through the misery of battlefield and the sorrow of losing the loved ones. They then headed to Nakdong River front line to fulfill their duty. Sangjin joined them in Dabu-dong. They fought for the promise they made with those who went first, as well as the promise to protect their loved ones and their country.

The Republic of Korea Army, including Jihoon’s troop who risked their lives and fought till the end, blocked the North Korea’s army in South Korea with the help of U.S Army and protected the Nakdong River front line. At the same time, the amphibious landing operation of the allies is conducted in Incheon till the Korean Flag is raised again in the capital Seoul.


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