Summer Snow Rehearsal Report vol. 1 & 2


Summer  Snow Rehearsal Report vol. 1

When we visited the practice studio in Gangnam (Seoul), It was on break time. We found HIM outside of the practice studio. SungMin was really stylish in a white no-sleeved T-shirt and overall pants, also he was really sweating at the time and it showed us that he practiced hard till a few minutes ago.

At the time, he was talking about his schedule with his staff. He was supposed to join the dance practice, but he was arranging his schedule to join the other practice as much as he can. During the short break time, he kept doing facial stretch and voice training.

All of his action told us how serious he’s been facing this musical.

When their practice restarted, we could see SungMin and other 2 casts’ synchronized dance. Among them, SungMin’s dance was superior!!! His dance was stood out and he was leading others well. Other cast members who were watching their practice said “How cool!!” to SungMin. While, the scene “JingHa visits the performance practice in the hospital”, SungMin showed us really cute dance^^ His cute dance made the atmosphere totally different from the previous scene, and gave other casts in the studio lots of laughter!!
We could see various parts of SungMin this time, and we’re really looking forward to “Summer Snow”.

Summer  Snow Rehearsal Report vol. 2 

Summer Snow Musical Rehearsal - Sungmin

This time, we visited Run-through rehearsal. There were SungMin and all other casts at the studio. The rehearsal studio was full of nervous atmosphere because of Run-through. SungMin
SungMin was trying really hard over checking the movements’ details with directors.

JinHa(SungMin)’s character is really cheerful, thoughtful, meddlesome, and he’s got a deep love for his family. In Korea, those meddlesome people are thought as like a “ajumma”. Sungmin in the Run-through rehearsal was like a ajumma!! (It means his acting was really perfect^^) and his meddlesome acting was really fresh and cute!!


On the other hand, at the scene JinHa scolds his younger brother, who deprecates himself, SungMin showed the charisma as a head of his family. Indeed, SungMin☆

At the scene which JinHa hears that SulHi(his girlfriend) might die unless going to US to take a surgery, SungMin’s desperate singing which shows the frame of mind to send out his girlfriend to US was amazing.

A lot of songs, which have familiar and bright melodies must heal audiences’ mind. Also energetic dance and songs, painful scenes and songs will attract audiences well.

You can’t miss this great musical, “SUMMER SNOW”



(hallyu pia ⇒ )

Credit : (source : Hallyu Pia)

All original Eng trans by minejpelf 
Please take out with proper credit, thank you!!


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