Official Super Junior “Super Show 5” World Tour in Brazil

Super Show 5 in Brazil 923243_502508166464905_1739094011_n

Super Show 5 has been going in Brazil, it is  1st country of 4 countries  in South America to be visited Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5, All of this is Super Junior Activity During in Brazil, from which a 20-hour trip, attending charity event on Korea Fashion plus  and Super Show 5  in Credicard Hall

935718_502774636438258_1093116963_n 11702_502774639771591_2073283862_n 12526_502774683104920_640962844_n 32358_502774649771590_879403760_n 61934_502774843104904_2128456479_n 62632_502774866438235_1185203700_n 65682_502507876464934_1374004055_n 164679_502508136464908_1934281123_n 295840_502508106464911_477519012_n 301954_502508033131585_782999661_n 305781_502774676438254_5670598_n 317349_502774679771587_658087855_n 321651_502774819771573_1744025782_n 375976_502507873131601_25014961_n  379904_502774833104905_1776118349_n379821_502774716438250_1512209723_n400597_502774713104917_1622455896_n  430369_502774759771579_224244132_n 404666_502774719771583_1039259654_n431920_502508026464919_647214790_n 524726_502507869798268_1391700358_n 528224_502507956464926_1728463868_n 541431_502774796438242_1829085492_n 550311_502774766438245_385499380_n 551510_502507939798261_1099932384_n 603683_502508179798237_1791907111_n 603825_502508039798251_1656827250_n603762_502507946464927_543587312_n

(Cr: Super Junior’s Facebook)

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