{Trans & Pict} HANAKO Magazine – Eunhyuk and Donghae




Both of them made an appearance as cover for Hanako “Beer & Bar Special Edition” this time. Eunhyuk, who is also known as Super Junior’s dancing machine showed a cool expression helped by his sharp looks during the photoshoot. But during the cover photoshoot held at an Italian bar, he was frolic and said “Looks delicious !” at the draft beer in front of him. Is he having self-control for alcohol ? “Because we do concerts overseas and quickly move to other places everyday, I need to make sure I can give the best performance even in the middle of tight schedule.” Seems like it was his policy since debut, and his first alcohol was last 2 years ! “It’s my first time drinking alcohol, so I thought I want to make it significant with the members. Super Junior’s concert in Paris was right during my birthday, so we went to drink together after concert. It was really fun.” His mood became completely fine. “On our way back to hotel, we stopped the car in front of The Arch of Triumph and I told everyone “Let’s dance !”. So Shindong-hyung, Kyuhyun and I danced in front of The Arch of Triumph (laughs).” Eunhyuk usually likes to drink chocolate drink. “I don’t really like green tea or coffee. When I go out to meet friends, I usually drink those kind of drink while talking. All Super Junior members also like talking, so we always talk about work, about our future…we talk about various things.”



Donghae who always declared himself as “everyone’s boyfriend” and fluttered a lot of fans. During the photoshoot, when the cameraman muttered “Give a glance (the japanese word is Mesen)” he immediately copied and kept saying “Mesen ! (glance)” repeatedly at times. “I want to interact with everyone, so I’m working hard to be able to speak Japanese. The starting lyric for I Wanna Dance is “Neteru baai janai” (It’s not the time to sleep), and during the night when I can’t sleep, I’ll go to Eunhyuk’s room, and wake him up by whispering the words to him ((asdfghsj eunhae)). Forcibly (laughs).” Donghae with such behaviour also has part of him who doesn’t really drink alcohol. “I drink only 1-2 times in a year. If there’s award ceremony or dinner together, I drink beer about 1 glass. At times like this, I’m the person in-charge to take care of members. I’m the one who call out everyone to go home after drinking.” He also doesn’t drink at dorm. “But lately, I drank with Ryeowook. We talked about various things while drinking beer in the room. I don’t have any memories after drinking alcohol, but looked like I talked a lot.” Donghae usually exercises or walks, produces songs, and said he likes searching for interior on the internet while laughing. At the end of the interview, he went to shake hands with all the staffs and showed his affection. He’s not only a handsome man, but we managed to see his tenderness and manly characteristics throughout the interview.


Donghae & Eunhyuk came back with new activity in Japan after almost 1 year and 2 months. It looks like both of them who are in the “same age, and can talk about anything”-kind of relationship are enjoying their activity together this time. When their eyes meet, both of them gave each other bashful looks and couldn’t stop laughing throughout the photoshoot. In combination with their mutual love, we talked with both of them about their new song, about Super Junior’s activity, and about what they thought of each other.


Q: You finally started your unit activity that was eagerly waited by fans again.
EH: Oppa Oppa last time was a translated song, but I Wanna Dance is originally a Japanese song, so I’m really looking forward for fans’ reactions. I’m so excited, similar to the exciting mood before we go to a picnic.
DH: I always listen to Japanese songs, but I feel like there’s not much songs which has similar style to I Wanna Dance. I’m worried and anticipate at the same time on how will the fans’ accept this song.

Q:  Because the song is a dance-themed song, the choreography is really exquisite.
EH: The dance this time is a lot harder than it looks ! There are a lot of steps and there’s breakdance during the interval. The MV might looks bright and fun, but the shooting took the whole 2 days without sleep. The clothes were torn, and we got injured here and there but somehow we did it.
DH: I didn’t do breakdance for almost 10 years. It was really hard for me. Despite being able to do it comfortably when I was in high school…(laughs)
EH: We’re planning to add a lot more variations for the live performance. Please look forward for it.

Q: The dance battle at the start of the MV is also really cool.

EH: It starts with a confrontation-like composition and changes into the dance mood. Both of us are always play a lot, and I think those kind of atmosphere appeared a lot in the MV (laughs).

Q: How did you feel after watching the MV ?

EH: As I thought, I’m really that cool~ Much better than Donghae (laughs).

DH: Eunhyuk did his best to dance during the first half but as soon as I appeared, the first half disappeared (laughs).


(Pict by Mairooom & Translation by hyukarmpits)

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