Cosmopolitan Magazine 20th Anniversary – Super Junior M


Q: How do you relieve stress?

Donghae: Recently, my biggest stress is time. To me, everyday is slightly harder. So there are many points of time where I just specially don’t want to do anything. People just suddenly don’t have the mood to do anything when there is clearly something to do, but they just don’t want to do it, there’s that kind of scenario. At this point of time, I’ll go onto the streets and run because the weather is good, I also like to go jogging. I meet my friends often, work out with the members, play basketball and kick soccer. That’s how I relieve stress.

Q: What recently made you feel touched or made you cry?

Donghae: Recently, I watched a few movies that made me cry a lot, for example “The World’s Saddest Goodbye” is really depressing, so I cried a lot of times. I will follow my current mood to pick a movie genre, members will recommend movies too. Watching touching movies makes me cry, and happy, it’s the kind that you cry while laughing, it’s better.

Q: What makes your desire to compose even stronger?

Donghae: My works now are only songs. Honestly, recently, I’m showing more attention on images. When working out or walking on streets, if I see an object that I like, I will take a photo of it, that’s simple~ While watching a movie or watching other friends’ concerts, I learn and have a lot of feelings. So there’s where my feelings come from.

Q: Are you really the kind of guy who will act cute to get what they want?

Donghae: Yes, I’m more of the type who will act cute. Compared to those who make sounds like, “ay, eey” that kind of cute, I have my own ways. I hope my girlfriend and I can act cute to each other, because I like this kind of happy feeling. If two people can act cute together and have the blissful happy feeling, I’m the type that will do anything to comply~






cosmo-sjm5 cosmo-sjm4  

Credit Translation: Nana ‏@donghaessi (Twitter)

You’re good at so many instruments, is this your interest since young?

Henry: Nonono (shakes head), I learnt Piano and Violin when I was 6, it wasn’t my choice, I was forced by my mum, she hit me everyday. (acts in pain) Before I was 10 years old, I did not want to play the violin or the piano. Until I was 10, I participated in a competition and won first place, thats why I start liking it.

Every summer vacation after I was 10, I will stay at my Violin teacher’s house for around 1 to 2 months, I will practice for 4-5hrs. I was small then, so I did not feel that it was tough, but it seemed so now when I think back.

Do you still play games frequently?

Kyu: I like but I really have no time, I have not been playing for very long. I really have a strong desire to win, I’m a person who will stay up to game. Thats why I don’t really dare to start (to play games).


 cosmo-sjm2 sjmcosmo6


Credit Translation: @meatyoudumpling’s  Twitter 

Q: To you, does dancing still have a deadly charm?

A: Honestly, I feel the most blessed when I am dancing. As a dancer, I want to show everyone better and better dances. If you take dancing away from my life, my life will be boring.

Q: You are so humorous, were you born with the humor or was it something you had to practice?

A: I feel that I’m born with it! Humor doesn’t come with practice, people who are not fun, won’t just become funny. (Whispers) Our member, Sungmin, really isn’t interesting, people like him will not become funny regardless what they do, so I feel I’m really lucky. I feel like not only for guys, everyone should have a certain amount of humor, then your lives will be more relaxing and happy.

Q: Are humorous boys like you very popular amongst girls?

A: I think they will like it, humorous people are usually more popular. However, when I meet a girl for the first time, or someone I really like, I can’t express my humorous side at the beginning, I have to wait for some time before I start being funny. Handsome guys don’t have to be funny from the beginning.

Q: How to achieve humor like yours?

A: The secret to it? I tend to listen very attentively to what other people say, I will carefully understand what people are thinking about, then coordinate and make people laugh. My way of humor is mostly through the things I say, I don’t really know physical jokes.

Q: From debut until now, what made you feel the most blessed and happy?

A: When I earned lots of money and bought my parents a house, I felt the happiest. Though receiving good results at work also feels very blissful, but ever since debut, I have always wanted to work hard and earn money, buy a house and let my parents live comfortably. Not long ago, I fulfilled this dream, so I feel very happy, very blessed!




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Credit Translation: 觅chelle ‏@myeoIchi

Kyuhyun : “If I am to write a song, I want to write a ballad, the theme will be woeful love.”

Eunhyuk : “I have great confidence and had been living like this for all my life. I am optimistic in the way I live and the way I think. I believe everything is possible if I am involvevd.”

Work hard, Play hard”

Henry : “There is not much I want to change with my personalities. This is basically me. Work hard, play hard, or play harder? hahahaha! Of course I will still be serious when it comes to work.”

Eunhyuk Sungmin 

Hyuk: “I am a quiet person off the camera because I like to think about things. But I am not gloomy at all!”

Min: “It’s good for a person to have a bit of worry, then he will dedicate to think of a way to improve and work hard to become better.

Henry Ryeowook 

Henry: “With Donghae we talk about music when we get together, with Zhoumi we talk about shopping, with Kyuhyun we talk about gaming…”

Ryeowook: “I want to keep doing this whenever I see how the fans smile. I want to continue to sing for everyone.”

Zhoumi : “Everyone has different personality. I don’t like to whine about things, I want others to recognize my talent.”

“Baby Face is what belongs to me”

Sungmin : “I am 29 years old physically, but maybe only 21 years old psychologically. My more manly side come out more often when I am exercising or at work.

“He has his own unique style of doing aegyo”

Donghae : “I enjoy the process more than the result. All the pressure and pain goes away when I am on stage with the fans. It’s such a pleasant feeling, like a dream.”

 cosmo-sjm6 cosmo-sjm7 cosmo-sjm8


(Pict by : 低调的华丽丽-TB/weibo) 

(Translation by: siohappy )



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