[Newspic] Super Show 5 in Shanghai – Super Junior


Newspic SS5 in Shanghai 11515683v_667_928_480

11709335_911_591_480 11721884_904_584_480 11734260_943_622_480 11752941_960_644_48011745019_907_667_48011791937_941_667_480

11761337v_648_924_480 11772315v_667_1000_480  114422129v_612_926_480 114437150v_667_972_480 114442970v_667_952_480 114461929v_667_924_480 114481222v_604_908_480 114488353v_577_914_480 114515056v_607_942_480 114525403v_636_940_480 114537757v_630_944_480 114552510v_667_1000_480 114562963v_667_1000_480 114573312v_667_1000_480 114591819v_642_940_480 115317419v_630_936_480 115337221v_612_924_480 116585973v_608_882_480 117145180v_618_934_480117116140_765_667_480 116596425_920_606_480117431630_1000_667_480117131830_718_667_480

(source: http://ent.3g.cn/Ent3G.php)


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