[Trans] Heechul Instagram Update



“with Gunhee”


“On Busan Sea with Gunhee”


“Space Big Stargram! I will upload 100 photos today”


“Hong Jin Ho, Kim Sung Gyoon, Park Sang Ik, me, and Kangmin. I was able to hit platinum with one deal and support in LOL, but last week, in competiton to level up to platinum 3, I was hacked so I quit playing (LOL). I think it’s the hacker’s deep thoughts to tell me to focus on comeback”


“dancing machine (ft. gunhee)”

Heechul 8

“My dongsaeng Henry’s single trap came out. i really wanted to promote it but i couldn’t before so i’ll do it now. henry’s nickname is called ‘mochi’. i heard he was called ‘kimochi’, a nickname that puts you in to a good mood if you see him. try to love Henry a lot”

Heechul 9

“Gunhee who slept on the street because he lost his wallet and phone. It was really cold so he wore his half-sleeves like that and sleptㅋㅋㅋㅋ ”

Heechul 7

The truth behind the picture below

Heechul 4

“The truth behind the picture below”

Heechul 3

Let’s learn how to golf. Who is with who?

Heechul 6

“thanks to everyone for being there with me for the past 2 years. let’s enjoy living and working and have fun everyone^-^ iIm also touched that you don’t come in front of the house anymore. even if you miss me, let’s refrain from coming in front of the house in the future. because oppa doesn’t go in front of your houses^-^ hohoho~♡ i love you my babies”

Heechul 10

“Mrs. hee got his hair done. I said I’ll upload 100 pictures but I uploaded a video too.. 1 video will have = 50 pictures effect”Heechul 11

“Ah. It’s too bothersome to upload 100. I’m Kim bipolar.”

Heechul 1

“I was dochwal-ed.. But why does this only have ‘Like’? It doesn’t have things like ‘It’s saddening’ ‘It’s cool’ ”

Heechul 2

“With Taeng-gu”


“I can tolerate curses at my friend Gunhee but I can’t tolerate curses at me!!”

“I love you Kim Heechul! Skin like milk, Kim Heechul!”

“Cat that can’t talk”

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