[Transcript] Sukira – Ryeowook DJ and Heechul


Heenim: I said I wanted to come to Sukira last Friday and Wook said “ah hyung, you can just take over me as the DJ.”

Heenim: I’ve never looked at the script before when I do radio but today, I kept asking the writer to send me the script quickly.

Heenim: This is a reward I got from Sungdong District. You can’t see it well here, so please search for it online.

Wook: What did you want to do the most when you’re in army?
Heenim: I really wanted to dye my hair. I can’t work (go on broadcast) for two years so I really wanted to do it. Sometimes I ask Wook “where are you going?” and he replied he’s going to radio. So I really wanted to do it.

Heenim: I brought my stylist friend, Gunhee, so that he can change my hairstyle before I go SSTP later. I must look different. Hahaha

Listener: Kim Heechul sshi likes WG’s Sohee sshi right?
Heenim: We’re still talking about this?
Heenim said he’s totally not close to Sohee in private.

Wook: What’s the group you’re most interested in currently?
Heenim: Nine Muses.

After fans chanted “I love you, KHC. Milky skin, KHC.” with him, Heenim said “I feel like I’m gonna cry.”

Heenim said Sulli and Sistar’s Dasom texted him.

Heenim: I remember our dance steps but I’m confused about the stage movements.

Wook: Who do you want to do WGM with?
Heenim suddenly mentioned EXO.
Wook: You want to do it with EXO?
Heenim: If I do it with them, the viewership will really go up!

Q: Is it true that you don’t meet woman at all?
Heenim: Does that it even make sense?

Q: You stole member, K sshi’s clothes, and wore it to exercise?
Heenim: YA! You said this right? Yes!

Heenim: I tried living alone. Members went to South America. I was very hungry so I had to eat. I cooked ramyeon and cooked rice. Ramyeon tasted even better rare and the rice was too hard. At that time, I kept contacting Ryeowook sshi.
Wook: Is it because of prince disease?
Heenim: I threw that away long ago. And they used to say I’m princess disease, not prince disease.

Heenim: There’s nobody whom I’m unsatisfied with. I’m just not interested in everyone.

Heenim said someone hacked his game and all his money in the game is gone, about one week before he discharged from army.

Heenim: Lady Jane is really bad at LOL. You know that I curse a lot right? I cursed a lot when I play with her and refuse to play.

Heenim: Wook watches “Annyeonghaseyo” everyday. It’s not a show that’s shown everyday, but he watches it everyday.
Wook: I watch the past episodes.
Heenim: Nobody in our dorm, excepts Ryeowook sshi, watches tv in our dorm. I only watch SNL and ongame.


Wook said the shirt Heenim wore today (the photo he took with his trainer) belongs to Wook.

Heenim: There’s no script in SDC. I just ask the PD for the date & start. Even the songs are selected by me.

Wook: How well did Heenim treat you, why are you so close to him?
Hongki: He didn’t treat me well. Even if we don’t meet often, we’re comfortable whenever we meet.

Heenim: “Kyuhyun!!”
Kyu: “How did you know??”
Heenim: “How can I not know?”

Heenim: Are you returning the Radio Star seat to Heechul sshi?
Kyu: Me? Why should I?

Heenim: Kyu matched really well with me when drinking.

Heenim: I once drank with Kyu and we talked about Radio star.
Kyu: I was really touched that night.
Heenim: But you didn’t pay for the bills!
Kyu: It was too much.

Kyu said he can’t appear on Sukira cos the writer who said he’s ugly is still there.

Heenim: The callouts ended already? There’s no female guest?

Wook: You rap really well.

Heenim: Can I stay for another half an hour? I’ve nowhere to go anyway.

Heenim: I’m really sorry to Youngstreet’s PD and SDC’s PD. In those period of time I was doing their radio, I did not look at their scripts and didn’t even put on makeup. I even put on makeup today.

Listener said he/she likes mixing rice and milk together and eat it.
Heenim: I really hate it!
Wook: I used to eat that a lot. So I thought I would grow really tall.
Heenim: You didn’t grow tall cos you ate it this way. You should eat it separately.

Talking about age.
Wook: Heechul sshi is 32 years old.
Heenim: I’m 31!

Heenim: Both of them (Beige & Wook) have the same face and they even have the same eating habits! Heenim asked Beige to call him oppa cos her voice is nice.

Talking about the habit of touching people’s ears. Wook: Our member, Yesung sshi, likes to touch people’s philtrum.

Heenim: My sight is not too good, but I’m really sensitive to smell. So I can’t use perfume. When woman uses perfume, I feel dizzy.

Heenim: For me.. I like any smell from the woman I love.

[Translated by: HeeQueenting] 

[Vid by: Excentrique110613]

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