[2014 Project Donation] “ELF Care Indonesia”

Hello ELF!!

Collaborating with Indonesian ELF fanbases, alongside other international fanbases need your help in order to accomplish Sinabung Eruption Victims in North Sumatra and flood victims in Jakarta, Manado, All you need to do is donate. Donation period is until 5th February 2014 After all donations are gathered, we will give them out donation at Sinabung, Manado and Jakarta Via Red Cross Indonesia . We’re welcoming more Indonesian as well as International fanbases to come and collaborate with us !

>> What’s important about this project?

This aid for victims of  mount Sinabung eruptions in Karo regency, North Sumatra, and flood victims in Jakarta, Manado, which is in desperate need of our help such as food,  medicines,  blankets, and etc. are expected to reach the affected areas by the huge losses. destroyed by the volcanic ash and flood.   we are coordinating in helping the victims to resume their daily lives. who have been living in shelters for a long period due to continued eruptions since September last year and Flood in early year.  We hope  Ever Lasting Fans will be able to help reduce their burdens and sorrows.

>> How to donate?

International ELF

  1. International ELF can also participate to donate by using your PayPal account.  You can  help us donate using your paypal and Transfer  to our paypal acc: arandeelle@gmail.com, after you transfered, please contact @Arandeelle to verify your donation…

B.  ELF in Indonesia

A. Minimum donation is IDR 10,000

2. The donation can be transferred to:

BCA Account :

Bank BCA
No. rekening : 4731301152
a/n : Dea faradita

Bank BRI
No. rekening :062301000284567
a/n : Stefvanie

Bank Mandiri
No rekening : 1640000421281
a/n : Dea Faradita

After the money has been transferred, please send us your proof of transfer / proof of payment for verification purposes.

Once verified, we will display your name, amount of donation & date of donation in this page under the NOTE section. This is to provide everyone on the daily collection of our donations. If you do not wish to display your name, u can give us a nickname. This is to ensure that all donours are being accounted. ^^

Like the under Below


Date of Donation:


Your Phone or contact person:


and send to us haechie@hotmail.com

We really hope to collect as much donations as possible so the projects will be grand and a success. Most importantly, we hope that the projects will always United Everlasting friends

Yes, the projects depend on how much of money that we can manage to collect! So ELF! Come and join with us! Show us your passions ! 🙂

Thank you! More info or Question?:  @SJTimescafe

Let’s make it a success for all ! Hwaiting ! Thank you ELF !!! ^^

Fanbases involved:  @EunHaeZone @SuperJuniorArea @superjuniorcom @HeechulArea  @HyukArea @Eunheebiased @SriwijayaELF  @DearHenrylau89


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